Ethereum Classic Devs: Hashpower Consolidation on Network Is 'Not 51% Attack'


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                Ethereum Classic devs report that what some are calling an ongoing 51% attack on the ETC network actually may be the testing of 1,400/Mh ethash machines.
                <p dir="ltr">Ethereum Classic (<a data-amp="" href="">ETC</a>) developers have stated that a mining pool evidently claiming over 50 percent of the network&rsquo;s hashrate was &ldquo;most likely selfish mining&rdquo; in a <a href="" rel="nofollow,noopener" target="_blank">tweet</a> today, Jan. 7.

ETC devs also explicitly stated in the same tweet that the previously noted hashrate consolidation is not a 51 percent attack, and that double spends were not detected.

The tweet revealed a potential cause for “the recent mining events,” attributing the increased hashrate to the testing of new 1,400/Mh ethash machines by application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) manufacturer Linzhi.

Cointelegraph will update this article as further updates appear.

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